John describes Vanilla Moon as "World / Ethno" music. A vibrant blend of African, Indian and European rhythms, melodies and voices - skillfully combined with Blues licks and Lounge music. An exciting, original sound which truly shares with the listener his vast knowledge and depth of understanding of World Music. The music was co-written with Axel Kowollik and Catharina von Liel (lyrics); with John H. Schiessler playing all of the instruments, programming and singing all vocals. Recorded and mixed at his own studio, Dejohn Studio, in Munich, Germany - and mastered by Bobby Altvater at Sky Studio, Munich, for Sky Productions in 2009.

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Project Pictures VM 001 John

John H. Schiessler

Project Pictures VM 002 Axel

Axel Kowollik

Project Pictures VM 003 Catharina

Catharina von Liel