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John H. Schiessler

Lyrics John B McQuaid

John was born in Dublin - now, based in Denmark; and has been a professional musician since 1979, performing at countless Clubs, Schools, Libraries, Art Museums, Theaters and Festivals all over Europe. He has released five albums of original songs. The music is a mixture of many styles and influences ranging from Rock to Folk to Jazz to Classical. The lyrics are a cocktail of Chaos, Beauty, Philosophy and irrepressible Black Humour. He has written hundreds of songs and co-written with amongst others Lone Poulsen (Shit & Chanel), Mikael Kolster (Nice Little Penguins), Ivan Sand and Clive Culbertson (bassist on Van Morrissons Avalon Sunset);
and Is, at present, writing lyrics for John H. Schiessler, BEIGE FISH, and D Jade Ell.

Lyrics Catharina von Liel

Catharina von Liel is from Munich, Germany, and has written lyrics for both Vanilla Moon and Beige Fish.

Lyrics Gregory T Demos

Gregory is a singer, songwriter and a wooden nickel philosopher from Wilmington, North Carolina in the United States - and has written lyrics for the self-titled, debut Beige fish CD.

An interesting note, that the lyrics for these two songs, "I Tip my Hat", and "Life's Lonely Road", were written on the Cape Fear River!