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Nina was born in Paris, France and then partly raised in the United States (Texas.) She describes herself as a gypsy and has been on stage from the age of fourteen.

She is an artist in her own right - having toured the world as a dancer, Opera and Country singer ... and now as a "rockin' Blues mamma!!" (Discovering her passion for the Blues in New Orleans, during a world tour.)

"I love to visit the world and the people in it !

I am blessed to be an artist able to live out of it !"

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John was born in Dublin - now, based in Denmark; and has been a professional musician since 1979, performing at countless Clubs, Schools, Libraries, Art Museums, Theaters and Festivals all over Europe. He has released five albums of original songs. The music is a mixture of many styles and influences ranging from Rock to Folk to Jazz to Classical. The lyrics are a cocktail of Chaos, Beauty, Philosophy and irrepressible Black Humour. He has written hundreds of songs and co-written with amongst others Lone Poulsen (Shit & Chanel), Mikael Kolster (Nice Little Penguins), Ivan Sand and Clive Culbertson (bassist on Van Morrissons Avalon Sunset);

and Is, at present, writing lyrics for John H. Schiessler, BEIGE FISH, and D Jade Ell.

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Catharina von Liel is from Munich, Germany, and has written lyrics for both Vanilla Moon and Beige Fish.

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Gregory is a singer, songwriter and a wooden nickel philosopher from Wilmington, North Carolina in the United States - and has written lyrics for the self-titled, debut Beige fish CD.


An interesting note, that the lyrics for these two songs, "I Tip my Hat", and "Life's Lonely Road", were written on the Cape Fear River!

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John H. Schiessler

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Lyrics Donna Skidmore


Donna Skidmore worked in the music industry for twenty-one years back in her home country, New Zealand. Until 2007, when she started a new, and very different life in the Texas Panhandle.


Now she is a full-time wife, mother and grandmother to four beautiful children, photographer wannabe, and full time Beige Fish fan! ...  and very honoured to have written lyrics (alongside John H. Schiessler and Nina Van Horn) on the "Down Home Shuffle" CD.

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