John H. Schiessler

© Wolf Sander

How does one describe a man, who can't be filed under any single category; whose immense

talent defies description in ordinary language; and whose artistic achievements are far, far too

many for one tiny text box?


John H. Schiessler, of Hungarian descent, was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany,

in 1956.


He received his musical calling at the age of twelve, listening to Crosby, Stills and Nash ... his

flash of light! At that point, he decided to become a musician, and learned to play guitar, piano

and drums simultaneously. He was fourteen years old when he joined his first band, singing and playing the drums. The band was called Earthquake.

"I guess we made some terrible noise!" He laughs!


"Terrible noise" or not, he has never looked back. He has played and sung in many bands;

written and performed chart-topping songs in Germany and Denmark; written and performed

scores for many German films (including "Der Grosse Belheim", "Atomdorf" and "Gluecksritter"); worked as a musical director for the dance theatre "Letters from tentland"

by Helena Waldman (which is still performing all over the world); not to mention over twenty

years experience, working as a professional photographer.

Each project defining more and more, the master of all forms of art he has now become.


From the life experience of this incredible man, one of the greatest talents of the world has



With this website, I hope to share the absolute joy his wonderful music. brilliant playing and

beautiful voice have given me ... in the forms of Vanilla Moon (World Music) and Beige Fish (amazing Blues!)

Nothing compares to the joy music brings ... and I hope as well, by way of thanks, that it also

sparks interest in John's work; and helps in some small way, to being even more musical success

to this amazing, world-class musician.


I wish him all the happiness and prosperity in the world.




Donna Skidmore, from the Texas Panhandle, USA.